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We guarantee that all transactions on our site are entirely secure. Librairie Gallimard is committed to protecting your private information in accordance with LOI SUR LA PROTECTION DES RENSEIGNEMENTS PERSONNELS DANS LE SECTEUR PRIVÉ [chapitre P-39.1] (AN ACT RESPECTING THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR).

Security Software (GeoTrust QuickSSL)

Our SSL encryption software is industry standard. User access to our servers is verified via a GeoTrust QuickSSL certificate that codes your personal data (credit card number, name, address, etc.) and authorizes the connection. This assures you that you are, in fact, accessing the Librairie Gallimard website. This data is stored on a highly secured server to which only two individuals are allowed access.

Secure Transactions

All transactions on our website are verified and secure through the use of GeoTrust QuickSSL ensuring your protection against credit card fraud. If you are not fully comfortable with our system, please feel free to telephone us once your order has been placed.

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