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A few words about Gallimard de Montréal

  • La libraire Gallimard de Montréal is North America’s premier French language bookseller when it comes to literature and ideas.

    The bookstore opened on November 9th, 1989 on the west side of Boulevard Saint-Laurent, or the Main as Montrealers call it, between Pine Avenue and Prince Arthur streets. Since its very inception, it has been a repository for literature from around the world. Alongside the great authors of France and Quebec are the works from across the globe in French translation. We’re more than a bookstore. We foster foster debate and dialogue around our collection, ensuring that our space is a lively venue where literature and ideas come alive. Whether in poetry, theatre, philosophy, literature, the humanities, every corner of our bookstore offers a rich font of knowledge and enjoyment based on a wealth of experience.

  • We’re more than just Gallimard

    Before Gallimard came to be known as a publishing house – Éditions Gallimard - our name spoke to our first mission, bookselling – Librairie Gallimard. But publishing has always been part of who we are. Over the years we have built an impressive catalogue of 40,000 titles. Yet our passion for the written word means that you will find far more than our titles in our store and our online catalogue. That’s how we have become one of North America’s most important booksellers, sustaining a vibrant literary and intellectual vocation.

  • Gallimard People

    Gallimard de Montréal is staffed by a very experienced team of professionals who are dedicated to serving and guiding our readers. Each is trained to assist you in your research and help you make informed choices. Whether you shop online or in the store, we are there at your service.

    Of course, our team share a passion for reading and, coming from an array of intellectual and cultural backgrounds, can keep you informed of the latest releases and what’s new in every corner of the literary world. Our “Must Reads” section is that – recommendations from each of our team. Follow their picks, write to them about your impressions and what you are reading, follow them on social media.


    La librairie Gallimard de Montréal was Quebec’s very first interactive online bookseller when our site was launched in 1996. Over the years we have refined our expertise in that domain.

    Our relaunched site has been designed to ensure ease of navigation in a thoroughly enjoyable and ergonomic setting. It allows you to interact with our booksellers and explore our collections intuitively. We will keep you informed in real time of our latest picks, our suggestions, our take on the literary world all the while that we showcase new releases and important literary events. You will find, we trust, a site that will surpass your expectations.

    Of course the site is thoroughly adapted to meet your need for ebooks. Check out our ebook section for easy purchase and downloading of an ever expanding catalogue.

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Top 5 - best sales
  1. Book cover: Consentement (Le) - Springora Vanessa - 9782246822691
    Consentement (Le) Springora Vanessa $29.95
  2. Book cover: Un automne de Flaubert - Postel Alexandre - 9782072850202 available as an eBook
    Un automne de Flaubert Postel Alexandre $28.95
  3. Book cover: America 12 L'Amérique aime-t-elle la guerre ? - COLLECTIF - 9791097365585
    America 12 L'Amérique aime-t-elle la guerre ? COLLECTIF $26.99
  4. Book cover: Payer la terre - SACCO JOE - 9782754818551
    Payer la terre SACCO JOE $48.95
  5. Book cover: Miroir de nos peines - LEMAITRE PIERRE - 9782226392077 available as an eBook
    Miroir de nos peines LEMAITRE PIERRE $34.95
Infolettre, the monthly Librairie Gallimard de Montréal newsletter, highlights a vast choice of new publications and books grouped around themes chosen by your booksellers, and keeps you informed about upcoming events.
Our literary events
  • 2020-02-26 Lancement - Causerie // Patrick Froehlich - La minute bleue

    À l'occasion de la sortie de son récent livre, La minute bleue publié aux Allusifs, Patrick Froehlich s'entretiendra avec Jean-François Vallée, le mercredi 26 février à partir de 17h30. suite

  • 2020-03-04 Lancement quintuple des éditions Nota Bene

    Les éditions Nota Bene ont le plaisir de vous inviter à leur quintuple lancement le mardi 4 mars à 18h. Avec José Acquelin, Simon Brousseau, Hervé Guay, Sara Thibault, Maude Lafleur, Sylvain Brehm, Kateri Lemmens, Alice Bergeron, Guillaume Dufour Morin


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