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The Reprieve - Volume 1

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Éditeur : Europe Comics Collection : AIRE LIBRE Date de parution : 16 mai 2019 EAN13 / ISBN :


Couverture du livre The Reprieve - Volume 1 - Jean-Pierre Gibrat - 9791032801000
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Ce qu’en dit l’éditeur
June 1943. Julien Sarlat jumps from the train transporting him to Germany and manages to get back to his small village in the Aveyron, Cambeyrac, where he hides, without the villagers' knowledge, to await the end of the hostilities. In a strange turn of fate, the train that he was on is bombed, and one of the corpses is identified as his. In the eyes of society, he is now dead. Taking advantage of this unexpected situation, he hides away in the attic of his old school teacher, who was arrested by the French Gestapo for suspected communist leanings. From that moment on Julien, from his observatory overlooking the village square, is the spectator of this everyday theater of ordinary people going about their business. Love, hatred, envy, cowardice, passion and heroism: the onlooker sees the most.
Gibrat specialized in the Front Populaire and the agriculture of the USSR at school, and excelled in history. He then turned to graphic design in advertising, and enrolled in the faculty of fine arts in 1975. Two years later he dropped out to embark on a career as a cartoonist, and published his first complete stories in "Pilote." When he met the scriptwriter Jackie Berroyer, eight years his senior, little "Goudard" was the result, a series about the daily mishaps of a young boy who would subsequently appear in "Charlie Mensuel" and "Fluide Glacial." At the same time Gibrat did some illustrations for trendy magazines ("L'Edj", "Le Nouvel Obs" etc.) and contributed to various I.T. press outlets, then to "Je Bouquine" and "Okapi" (the "Médecins sans frontières" series, based on scripts from Guy Vidal, then Dominique Leguillier). In 1982, his talent for drawing women inspired Berroyer to propose a new character to him, a Parisian woman on holiday, to be introduced in "Pilote." They decided to combine Goudard and this seductive heroine in a new series of books published at Dargaud. Gibrat is a perfectionist and likes to take his time over his work. He likes to surprise his readers, often tackling topics nobody would expect of him. After a little detour via the adventures of Zaza, Michel Drucker's dog, Gibrat went to the other extreme with "Pinocchia," an erotic retelling of the Italian fairy tale. After that, he started on the dreamy "Marée Basse" (Low Tide) with Pecqueur, for the Long Courrier collection. However, it was not until solicited by the prestigious Aire Libre collection that he launched his solo projects, "Le Sursis" (The Reprieve) and "Le Vol du Corbeau" (The Flight of the Crow), that would finally bring him the recognition and the prizes he deserves. Being passionate about history, he manages to faithfully convey all the emotion of the French occupation. His talent is indisputable. The only question is: where will he take us next?
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