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The Legend of the Changeling - Volume 1 - The Unbidden

The Unbidden

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Éditeur : Europe Comics Collection : Hors Collection Le Lombard Date de parution : 08 mai 2019 EAN13 / ISBN :


Couverture du livre The Legend of the Changeling - Volume 1 - The Unbidden - Dubois - 9791032805367
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Ce qu’en dit l’éditeur
In the forests of Dartmoor, creatures of legend hide in the treetops, swim in the rivers, and roam the hills... but they're invisible to those who don't know how to look properly. Scrubby, a child of the fairies swapped at birth with a human infant, has inherited this wonderful gift. With a little help from the Wise Man of Wistman's Wood, his eyes are opened to the secrets of the moors. And even when he is forced to leave his forest for Victorian London, his forest never leaves him...
Born in Charleville, in the French Ardennes, on July 19th, 1945, Pierre Dubois is a fan of fantasy tales and the legendary creatures living in the woods. Commentator at "France 3 Bretagne" and member of the "Imaginary Arthurian Centre" (based in Brocéliande), in 1984, he tackled his favorite subjects in the magazine "Spirou" by writing "Le Grand Fabulaire du Petit Peuple," illustrated by René Hausman. These two partners then started producing cartoons with two episodes of Laïyna for the same journal: "La Forteresse de pierre" and "Le Crépuscule des elfes." Encouraged by this initial success, Dubois turned to other illustrators to compose his legendary worlds: the "Torte" saga (five volumes with Lucien Rollin at Glénat since 1989), the "Pixies" (two episodes with Rivard for Glénat), the series of the "Lutins" (for Delcourt with Stéphane Duval), "Le Miroir des eaux" (with Jérôme for Zenda), and "Pétrus Barbygère" (with Joann Sfar in 1996 at Delcourt). In the late 1990s, he also created the album "Saskia des vagues" (1997), drawn by Rollin in Dargaud's "Long Courrier" collection, and the "Red Caps" series with Duval at Delcourt in 1998. At Hoebeke he also edited two monumental documentary tomes on his favorite subjects: "La Grande Encyclopédie des lutins" and "La Grande Encyclopédie des fées et des elfes," illustrated by Claudine and Roland Sabatier. This expertise and passion for all things fantasy would inspire a new comics series in the 2000s, with the creation of "La Légende du changeling," alongside artist Xavier Fourquemin ("The Legend of the Changeling," Europe Comics 2018). In somewhat of a different register, he later wrote the western "Sykes," with artist Dimitri Armand, for the Lombard "Signé" collection (2015, Europe Comics in English 2017).
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