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Out on Blue Six

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Éditeur : Open Road Media Date de parution : 10 août 2018 EAN13 / ISBN :


Couverture du livre Out on Blue Six - McDonald Ian - 9781480461659
Ce qu’en dit l’éditeur
In a far-future city where happiness and stability are law, a group of rebels will fight for what it means to be human

The Compassionate Society was designed as a utopia, where people’s genetic predispositions and aptitudes—rather than random choice—guide their lives, and pain of any kind is illegal. In the self-contained city, happiness is the most cherished value, and the Ministry of Pain swiftly prosecutes anyone who interferes with the contentment of another. For many of its citizens—who were matched to their jobs, spouses, and friends—the Compassionate Society is perfect. But to Courtney Hall, a political cartoonist, it is a place of stifling mediocrity. When her satirical work makes her a target of the government, Courtney goes on the run, only to discover an entire underground network of dissidents, each fighting against the stagnation imposed by the Compassionate Society—a struggle that could stand as humanity’s last chance for growth, innovation, and ultimately, survival.

Thrilling and inventive, Out on Blue Six is Ian McDonald’s engrossing story of free will and self-determination, and of the true value of a life ruled not by fear, but by hope.
Ian McDonald est né à Manchester, en 1960. Il vit aujourd'hui à Belfast. Ses romans et nouvelles, couronnés de nombreux prix, sont imprégnés des conflits d'Irlande du Nord. Parmi les thèmes qu'il aborde dans son œuvre, on trouve les nanotechnologies, le postcyberpunk et l'impact des progrès technologiques rapides sur des sociétés non occidentales.
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