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Bernadette in the Doghouse

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Éditeur : Second Story Press Collection : The Lunch Bunch Series EAN13 / ISBN :


Couverture du livre Bernadette in the Doghouse - Glickman Susan - 9781897187920
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Ce qu’en dit l’éditeur
Bernadette continues her adventures with Annie, Keisha, and Megan, aka "The Lunch Bunch". Things are great until Bernadette ignores her new friends in favor of spending time with her old friend Jasmine. She then has to prove to the Lunch Bunch that she values their friendship. The follow-up to Bernadette and the Lunch Bunch.
Born to Canadians living in Baltimore, MD, Susan Glickman convinced her parents to move home to Montreal at the age of one and a half. But that initial sense of being from somewhere never left her. She has lived in England, the United States, and Greece and extensively travelled across Europe, Asia, and America before settling in Toronto. Glickman's love for travel is matched by her love for books. She has worked in bookstores, in publishing, and as an English professor at the University of Toronto. Known for her lithe, rich poetry and brilliant literary criticism, Susan Glickman is the author of five highly regarded poetry collections, including Running in Prospect Cemetery: New & Selected Poems. Her critical study, The Picturesque and the Sublime: Poetics of the Canadian Landscape, won both the Gabrielle Roy Prize and the Raymond Klibansky Prize. Susan Glickman has been described as one of the finest of Canadian authors. She is a confident, gifted writer whose poetry and fiction exemplify beauty, insight, and power.
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