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Alter Ego - Cycle 1


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Éditeur : Europe Comics Collection : Dupuis "Grand Public" Date de parution : 08 mai 2019 EAN13 / ISBN :


Couverture du livre Alter Ego - Cycle 1 - Lapière Denis - 9791032800775
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Ce qu’en dit l’éditeur
Park, a 25-year-old Korean man, basks in the sweet tropical sun of a luxury residence in the company of various other people of diverse backgrounds. They're all waited on hand and foot by a team of servants and carers. He spends most of his time with a couple of fun young women. It's paradise. But lately his blissful existence is punctuated with strange hallucinations, like memories of another life. Might this change in his state of mind be because he's stopped drinking the delicious fruit cocktails they keep serving up to all the residents? And what are they all doing here anyway? Can they really just be on permanent vacation? But then why are there all these railings and watchtowers?
Born in 1958 in Namur, Denis Lapière started his sociology studies after having had a taste of the thrills of motor racing. In the mid 1980s he was one of the founders of the Tropica BD bookstore in Charleroi, which became the meeting point for many artists. Once he started getting some contacts, Lapière started writing scripts, which gradually found their place in the editorial landscape. He started at Spirou, producing short stories. He then published his first album in 1987: "Mauro Caldi" (Éditions Michel Constant Mirror). In 1990, he started "Charly" with Magda, a fantasy thriller that had Spirou readers on the edge of their seats. In the years that followed, Denis wrote scripts for several titles in the Aire Libre collection, a new means of expression for adult comics at Dupuis. With Jean-Philippe Stassen, he created "Le Bar du Vieux Français", which won numerous awards around the world. For Paul Gillon, he wrote "The Last of Cinemas" about the fate of a film producer during the twentieth century. While continuing his adult comics collaborations (with Pellejero and Mezzomo in particular), Lapière continued to work on more family-orientated strips like "Ludo" (with Bailly and Mathy), "Oscar" (with Durieux) and the reboot of "Tif et Tondu" (with Sikorski). In the 2000s, Denis Lapière had several experiences as a film screenwriter (with Pierre-Paul Renders). He also tried out an editorial role (launching collections Punaise" and "Puceron at Dupuis). In early 2010 he led two major projects: a collaborative work called "Alter Ego" and the new adventures of "Michel Vaillant", which he co-wrote with Philippe Graton. With nearly one hundred albums under his belt, Denis Lapière is one of today's most accomplished writers.
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