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Welcome to our Institution Sector

What are the advantages of an institutional membership?

With an institutional membership you will enjoy the advice of our experienced booksellers, North America’s experts in French language literature and ideas. They will assist you in ordering for your institution.

Please note that Librairie Gallimard is not an accredited publisher within the terms of the LOI SUR LE DÉVELOPPEMENT DES ENTREPRISES QUÉBÉCOISES DANS LE DOMAINE DU LIVRE (An Act Respecting the Development of Quebec Firms in the Book Industry).

Our booksellers will assess your needs and provide you with tailored title lists as well bibliographic information as well as pricing and delivery details to help you plan your orders. You can keep your selections in your cart until you are ready to order them.

You will also enjoy free delivery anywhere in Canada no matter the cost of your order.

For printed books, your invoices will be due 30 days after delivery. All you need to do is check off “Bill to Account” when you confirm your order. We will communicate with you as soon as we receive your order.


To order an ebook, please contact us to make sure the title can be sold to an institution.

Gift certificate

For the purchase of gift certificate the option to carry in the account is not available. Please contact us for more details.

How to proceed?

Please fill out the account application form.

Or you can communicate with us by email, telephone or fax.

If you already have an account with us, simply login to discover our selections, featured titles, new releases and our ebooks and place your order.

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Top 5 - best sales
  1. Book cover: Nanimissuat : Ile tonnerre (L') - Kanapé Fontaine Natasha - 9782897125561 available as an eBook
    Nanimissuat : Ile tonnerre (L') Kanapé Fontaine Natasha $17.00
  2. Book cover: Autoportrait de Paris avec chat - Laferrière Dany - 9782764625330 available as an eBook
    Autoportrait de Paris avec chat Laferrière Dany $32.95
  3. Book cover: Dernier chalet (Le) - RIVARD YVON - 9782760947719
    Dernier chalet (Le) RIVARD YVON $23.95
  4. Book cover: Archipel des passions - Casiraghi Charlotte - 9782021335743 available as an eBook
    Archipel des passions Casiraghi Charlotte $39.95
  5. Book cover: Loyautés (Les) - VIGAN DELPHINE DE - 9782709661584
    Loyautés (Les) VIGAN DELPHINE DE $25.95
Our literary events
  • 2018-04-26 Le festival Métropolis Bleu s'invite à la librairie Gallimard

    26 avril : 14h - Lola Lafon; 15h30 - Danie Mendelsohn; 17h30 - Les peurs de notre époque; 19h - Lecture hommage à Paul Otchakovsky-Laurens

    29 avril : 13h - De travers : Regarder, écrire et penser autrement les rapports interculturels. suite

  • 2018-04-27 Rencontre // Pornoculture, séduction, porno-érotisme, amour : de la socialité contemporaine

    Rencontre autour du livre Pornoculture avec les auteurs du livre, Claudia Attimonelli et Vincenzo Susca, ainsi que Chira Piazzasi, professeur au département de Sociologie à l'UQÀM. Vendredi 27 avril, 17h30. suite

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