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The Farmer's Daughter

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Éditeur : House of Anansi Press Date de parution : 10 décembre 2017 EAN13 / ISBN :


Couverture du livre The Farmer's Daughter - HARRISON JIM - 9781770896246
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Ce qu’en dit l’éditeur

Literary legend Jim Harrison's collection of novellas, The Farmer's Daughter, finds him writing at the height of his powers, and in fresh and audacious new directions.

The three stories in The Farmer's Daughter are as different as they are unforgettable. Written in the voice of a home-schooled fifteen-year-old girl in rural Montana, the title novella is an uncompromising, beautiful tale of an extraordinary character whose youth intersects with unexpected brutality, and the reserves she must draw on to make herself whole. In another, Harrison's beloved recurring character Brown Dog, still looking for love, escapes from Canada back to the United States on the tour bus of a Native rock band called Thunderskins. And finally, a retired werewolf, misdiagnosed with a rare blood disorder brought on by the bite of a Mexican hummingbird, attempts to lead a normal life but is nevertheless plagued by hazy, feverish episodes of epic lust, physical appetite, athletic exertions, and outbursts of violence under the full moon.

The Farmer's Daughter is a memorable portrait of three decidedly unconventional American lives. With wit, poignancy, and an unbounded love for his characters, Jim Harrison has again reminded us why he is one of the most cherished and important authors at work today.

Né en 1937 dans le Michigan, Jim Harrison a publié près de trente livres parmi lesquels Légendes d'automne, Dalva, La route du retour ou De Marquette à Veracruz, qui l'ont imposé comme l'un des plus grands auteurs américains de notre temps.
Son dernier ouvrage, Les jeux de la nuit, est paru aux Editions Flammarion.
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